swingmasterThe Swing Master is an economy machine with a better-than-basic specification. It has a variable speed control function, which you can adjust easily with the handset during a session. The Swing Master also offers a comfortable padded ankle cradle and an automatic cut-off timer.

The adjustable speeds mean that you can try some back stretching exercises (like the ones we suggest below) at lower speeds, and also spend time experimenting with the higher speed ranges, which give a more invigorating workout for the whole body.  

Try these exercises for lower back stiffness and general back stress:

  • place your hands behind your head, holding them against your neck. If you are reasonably supple, your elbows will easily rest on the surface you are lying on. No need to force this if the arms don't lie flat, but focus on relaxing the shoulders. If there is stiffness in the shoulders, concentrate on relaxing the muscles so that the arms gradually lie flatter on the floor. 
  • stretch your hands above your head, imagining energy streaming through the tips of your fingers - feel this stretch as an extension of your body from the hips. This is not a forceful stretch but you will notice your body and arms lengthening if you alternate your focus from the spine to the tips of your fingers, especially the little finger.
  • at the end of your session you can now try placing your hands behind your head again - you will probably notice they lie flatter on the floor than when you started.


Features & Benefits


  • Variable speed - adjust during your session with the "remote" handset*
  • Great value for an adjustable-speed chi machine
  • Padded leg cradle for comfortable support
  • Generates a wonderful pulsing motion in the pelvis - which stimulates the nervous system as if you are exercising
  • Built-in 15-minute session timer with automatic cut-off
  • Money Back Guarantee - return within 30 days for a full refund (conditions apply)
  • Manufacturer's warranty - Two years on parts & One year on labor
* the “remote" handset is connected to the machine by a 6-ft electrical cord
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Power Supply: AC 120V-60Hz

Power Consumption: 35W

Dimensions (inches): 13.39 x 9.84 x 9.45 inches

Dimensions (cms): 34 x 25 x 24cm