EvergainThe Evergain Chi Machine 308DL (Deluxe model) has several massage functions in addition to the basic feet swinging function of all Chi Exercise Machines. It has a section in front of the leg cradle with FIR (Far Infra Red radiation) and magnetic technology designed to give the user massage effects on the soles of the feet or the shoulders and neck area. It even has an extra section in the middle of the the foot cradle which is designed to allow the user to place their neck on the cradle so that the swinging motion is applied to the top part of the body. This Shoulder Massage Function is designed to increase mobility and range of motion in the shoulders and neck.

To help relieve stiffness in your back, or to get exercise to relieve aches and pain in your lower back muscles, it's best to use the Evergain with your feet supported on the leg cradle.
In addition, the gentle vibrating massage on the soles of the feet is designed to simulate the effects of Reflexology. The FIR heat elements are designed to stimulate tired cells and soothe away stress. 
There are also permanent magnets and FIR elements embedded in the rubberized foot cradle.

To help relieve stiffness in your shoulders and neck, you can turn around and use the Evergain in these two ways:

For Neck Massage Movement:

  • Place an exercise mat or cushion near the back of the machine so that its height is level with the bottom of the footrest.
  • Lie your neck on the central groove of the footrest.
  • Select the “neck” mode on the switch.
  • Adjust the speed dial.
  • Close your eyes and relax!

For the Shoulder Massage Movement:

  • Place an exercise mat or cushion near thefront of the machine so that its height is level with the bottom part of the massage panel.
  • Turn on the FIR heat and massage buttons located at the right hand side rear of the machine.>
  • Lie your shoulder on the massage panel and enjoy the massage.
  • Change the massage speed to slow or fast as needed. <


Features & Benefits


  • Neck & Shoulder Massage Function
  • Designed to help increase mobility and range of motion in shoulders and neck
  • Magnetic and FIR (Far Infra Red) elements embedded in massage section and cradle
  • Designed to stimulate the reflex points on the soles of the feet and soothe away stress
  • Adjustable speed - ranging from about 120 beats per minute to about 170
  • Choose the speed that resonates best for you
  • For technical specification, see below

 Please Note: The Evergain Chi Machine 308DL has been discontinued until further notice. Instead the best options we recommend are 

  • the Surge of Chi Exerciser Mark 4 (which has Far Infra Red and Vibration Massage functions like the Evergain, as well as a best-of-breed motor and swing function); or 
  • the FlexxiCore Passive Exerciser - our top of the range product as a pure-play chi exercise machine - which is $40 less than the Evergain, and our best seller




AC Motor - Power rating:   55 watts (motion) + 20 watts (vibration & heat functions)

Weight   14 lbs / 6.35 kgs

Speed range   120 to 170 oscillations per minute

Width of travel of leg cradle - "width of swing"   1.5 inches / 3.8 cm

Digital Timer & display   1-30 Minutes in 1-minute increments

Rubberized and magnetized leg cradle (also supports neck)   6 embedded bio-magnets

Power cord length   6 ft / 2 meter